The Innovation Award

We had 22 entries for this award.  The Innovation award recognises the transport related projects or products that demonstrate a commitment to technological or design innovation.

The finalists:

  • AppyParking – Parking Platform, Free Apps & Website – AppyParking

  • Union Street Turbo-roundabout – Bedford Borough Council

  • Mini-Holland in Waltham Forest: A New Approach to Consultation – London Borough of Waltham Forest

  • Blaze Laserlight on Santander Cycles – Transport for London (Santander Cycles)

Winner: Blaze Laserlight on Santander Cycles by Transport for London

Transport for London teamed up with Serco and Blaze to find a way to overcome safety concerns about using Santander Cycles.   

  • 77% of cyclists deterred from using Santander Cycles at all. 

  • 22% use the scheme less frequently due to safety. 

The Blaze device casts a bright green laser profile in advance of the bike, which alerts drivers to the presence of a cyclist.

  • 7 metres in advance of the bike 

  • Provides superior visibility over LED front cycle lights. 

This increases visibility across a wide range of vehicles and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

  • Visibility increased between 10%-30%

A three-month trial saw Blaze fitted to 250 bikes. However, following extensive technical and customer research, Transport for London and Santander will fit all 12,000 of their public hire bikes with Blaze. 


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