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Smarter Travel Awards 2018 Categories...


Smarter Travel Professional of the Year

This award is for the individual smarter travel professional who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the industry. 



Best Shared Transport Project Award 

This award recognises the contribution made by shared transport, such as car clubs, ride sharing, public hire bike services and technology systems that make multi-modal travel practical for the general public.



Best Smarter Travel Innovation Award 

The Innovation award is open to all mobility related projects that display a commitment to design or technological innovation.



Best Behaviour Change Campaign Award 

This award recognises the smarter travel behaviour change campaigns that engage with their target audiences, have a measurable impact, are replicable and represent great value for money.  They can be single medium or cross-channel.



Best Mobility as a Service Project Award 

A new award for 2018 will reward innovations in Mobility as a Service.  The award will recognise developments in multi-modal and integrated travel through a MaaS platform that can handle all transport choices and payments.



Best Accessible Transport Project Award 

The accessible transport award will recognise achievements in accessibility and those that are making transport available for all.



Best Demand Responsive Transport Award 

Flexible, demand responsive transport (DRT) has seen a resurgence in the last few years and is helping to support communities by making transport more accessible.  Technology has helped enable quick advances and new services in the DRT industry.  This award will recognise those at the front-line of innovations and service delivery. 



Best Passenger Transport Innovation Award 

The passenger transport innovation award will consider radical new thinking to increase passenger patronage, information systems, payments and ticketing, marketing and campaigns and innovations in vehicle technology.  



Best Connected Transport Award

The UK is a leader in the research and development of Connected & Autonomous Vehicle technology.  There are now over 60 pilots, mainly funded through the UK government / InnovateUK.  This award will recognise the project teams that are pushing the envelope and making CAVs a reality in our generation.



Best Smart City Project Award 

The best smart city project award will be awarded to the project that has best shown a holistic approach to becoming smarter, cleaner, safer and more sustainable.   Entries should reflect all elements that contribute to becoming a smart city: data, air quality, connectivity, physical and digital infrastructure and so on.



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Delegate & Logistics Enquiries: | 020 7091 7865
Sponsorship & Exhibiting Enquiries: | 020 7091 7861
©Landor LINKS 2018| #smartertravellive

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Thurrock Council

Smarter Travel Awards 2018

This is your opportunity to gain the recognition of your peers for the effective delivery of projects, initiatives, innovations, people and technologies that are making a difference to many people’s lives.

The Smarter Travel Awards are the awards recognising the smartest projects, people and technologies which are defining future mobility.

This 3rd annual awards is dedicated to showcase the way others improving people's lives in the 21st Century as it enables effective transport provision in expanding towns and cities. These awards celebrate the impressive achievements, the smartest approaches and the high impact of smarter travel projects and the professionals who lead them.

  • Showcase your project and earn the recognition of your peers

  • Gain recognition and support building momentum for future projects

  • Benchmark your achievements against the entire UK transport sector

  • Position your Local Authority or organisation at the forefront of innovation

  • Boost team morale – celebrate successful delivery


Smarter Travel LIVE! Conference
Smarter Travel EXPO
Smarter Travel Awards
Smarter Travel LIVE! Conference
Smarter Travel EXPO
Smarter Travel Awards
Smarter Travel LIVE! 2018
Smarter Travel LIVE! 2018
Smarter Travel Awards 2018

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16-17 October 2018
Exhibition Centre, Liverpool

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