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Transport Planning Society

The Transport Planning Society aims to facilitate, develop and promote best practice in transport planning and provide a focus for dialogue between all those engaged in it, whatever their background or other professional affiliation.

Urban Transport Group

We are the voice of UK urban transport. Our network brings together Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, London, North East, Sheffield City Region, West Midlands, West Yorkshire.  Bristol and the West of England, Nottingham City Council and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport are associate members. As a network we do three things. We make the case for urban transport and for the funding and powers our members need to improve transport in their areas. We are Britain's premier network for urban transport professionals working in the public sector to help our members do more for less through learning from each other and through co-procurement. We also provide thought leadership for the wider sector through exploring and setting out ways forward on both cross sector and medium to long term challenges on everything from Total Transport to young people and from the implications of transformative social and technological change to how transport can contribute to improving public health.  

RTIG Inform

Established in 2000, RTIG is a community organisation whose goal is to facilitate effective and efficient use of technology in passenger transport. We operate as a subscription organisation with almost a hundred members – primarily based in UK, but some in mainland Europe and a few beyond. RTIG’s members cover the local authority, transport operator and system supplier communities, allowing everyone to meet together in a spirit of mutual respect to achieve a solution that works for everyone.

Our core remit is technical, as a direct result of pressure from operators and local authorities for consistency in real time information systems. We develop specifications, and help develop wider standards (through national and European groups), and we ensure that these are practical though strong and active Working Groups. We regularly work with policymakers to ensure that the role and challenges of technology are properly addressed. We also support our members though quarterly Workshops, monthly Newsletters, and an extensive library of guidelines and position papers.


ATOC's mission is to work for passenger rail operators in serving customers and supporting a prosperous railway.

Set up after privatisation in 1993, the Association brings together all train companies to preserve and enhance the benefits for passengers of Britain’s national rail network, which jointly we do by providing these services:

  • a central clearing house for the train operators, allowing passengers to buy tickets to travel on any part of the rail network, from any station, through the Rail Settlement Plan

  • a customer experience operation, comprising:

    • National Rail Enquiries, giving passengers up-to-the-minute information on train times, fares, reservations and service disruption across the country; and

    • commercial activities, such as a range of discounted and promotional railcards, cutting the cost of travelling by train for groups including young people, families, senior citizens and people with disabilities

  • running the rail staff travel service, enabling most staff in the industry to benefit from some level of concessionary travel

  • an operations, engineering and major projects team, that supports Scheme members in delivering a safe, punctual and economic railway

From 2011, the Rail Delivery Group has been responsible for policy formulation and communications on behalf of the whole rail industry.

iMobility: Futurevision

Intelligent Mobility Future Vision Collaboration Group (hereinafter referred to as iMFV) offers an innovative global knowledge transfer collaborative environment for the future of mobility and smart infrastructure. iMFV, is an independent ‘SME Centric’ international body fostering a collaboration between disparate groups with a common goal of building platforms across cities, countries and regions that enable an integrated, society centric support of transport in all its forms. iMFV works on bringing together international free thinkers from the academic research, governmental and industrial communities to influence change in society’s attitudes to mobility as part of a wider review of transport in society. iMFV teams (local, regional and International) include experts with significant experience in fields such as Intelligent Transport Systems, Transport Planning, Information Systems, Logistics, Public Transport, Communication systems and Urbanisation.

iMFV run a web social network with a discussion board in LinkedIn with more than 1100 international member with two international projects subgroups, iMFV in the Arab region, and Autonomic Road Transport.

iMFV offers International, National and Regional Teams of Expertise and Stakeholders are collaborating in pilot studies, case studies, research and innovative Projects. iMFV’s current examples are demonstrated in

  • Collection of Projects running in a number of Arab Countries: iMFV in the Arab Region Programme

  • Autonomic Wide Area Network Manager - AWAN

  • iMFV in your region Project

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust (EST) the leading independent organisation supporting the uptake of ultra-lowemission vehicles amongst fleets. EST is also the UK’s top provider of fuel efficient driving advice and training to drivers and organisations with a track record in the UK and Europe of developing fuel efficient driving initiatives.

IM Exchange

At IMExchange we’re passionate about Intelligent Mobility. That is why we have created a free Q&A platform for transport professionals seeking smarter, greener and more efficient way of moving people around.

If you want high-quality answers to burning questions about the transport network, or want to share your expertise with other industry professionals, you are in the right place!

IMExchange is an online expert community where you can discover knowledge about Intelligent Mobility, and make your expertise visible.

IMExchange is initiated by the not-for-profit organisation "Transport Systems Catapult", part of the UK's innovation agency. For more information, please visit https://ts.catapult.org.uk/who-we-are

Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Through its range of print and online products, OBG offers comprehensive and accurate analysis of macroeconomic and sectoral developments, including banking, capital markets, insurance, energy, transport, industry and telecoms.

The critically acclaimed economic business reports have become the leading source of business intelligence on developing countries in the regions they cover. OBG's online economic briefings provide up-to-date in-depth analysis on the issues that matter for tens of thousands of subscribers worldwide. OBG's consultancy arm offers tailor-made market intelligence and advice to firms currently operating in these markets and those looking to enter them.

Mode Shift

Established in 2007, Modeshift is a not for profit membership organisation funded by the public, private and community sectors in the United Kingdom.

Modeshift aims to secure increased levels of safe, active and sustainable travel in educational establishments, businesses and communities thereby engendering widespread

travel behaviour change in the long term.  It seeks to do this by representing its members’ needs and supporting sustainable travel practitioners through a range of new and existing services.

Using its position as a leading organisation in sustainable travel, Modeshift aims to be the centre of excellence for the promotion of sustainable travel choices in education,

workplace and community settings by raising standards of industry delivery. This includes establishing a standard and level of implementation for travel plans, sharing best

practice on the provision of travel choices information, and recognising excellence in the delivery of sustainable travel initiatives in schools and workplaces.


The British Parking Association (BPA) is the largest professional association in Europe, representing around 700 organisations in the parking and traffic management profession. Our members include manufacturers, learning providers, consultants, local authorities, car park operators, including those managing parking on private land such as retails parks, healthcare facilities, universities and railways stations. We provide our members with knowledge and a range of benefits and resources that assist them in their day to day work.

As the recognised authority within the parking profession, we represent, promote and influence the best interests of the parking and traffic management profession throughout the UK and Europe. 

Parking policy has a major influence on people’s travel decisions and technology is revolutionising the way people travel. The BPA is making it a priority to ensure that the parking profession maximises the benefits of emerging technologies and applications that could help to make parking better as part of everyone’s integrated journey.  For further information about the BPA please contact 

  or visit www.britishparking.co.uk

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