25-26 June 2015 | Newcastle Civic Centre

Two-day Event Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 25 June 2015

Optional Sessions


Main Entrance - Newcastle Civic Centre Lobby

Welcome for pre-registered delegates to the optional morning workshops.

To take part in the optional morning sessions, please register in advance by clicking here: http://ccac15.questionpro.com  

10.00 - 12.00

Site visits - Meeting point - Civic Centre

Tours of Newcastle's Cycle Facilities by bicycle

Bike hire provided by Nextbike UK and local businesses, Newcastle Cycle Hub and Recyke Y'Bike


10.30 - 12.00

Pandon Room - Civic Centre

Propensity to Cycle Project Interactive Workshop

Interactive workshop for cycle planners, on the DfT funded programme on where to invest money on cycle infrastruture. 

Please bring fully charged laptops or tablets.

Led by: Dr. Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds

11.00 - 12.00

Collingwood Suite

Safety by mode workshop

Using appropriate data sources for 'like-for-like' comparisons

A comparison of fatality rates for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers by age, sex and mode shows that cycling is safer than driving for young people, and that fatalities by time spent travelling vary within similar ranges for walking, cycling and driving. 

Official reports on modal risk have not chosen appropriate numerators and denominators to enable like-for-like comparisons, and this workshop explores the challenges of using appropriate data sources for 'like-for-like' comparisons.

Dr. Jenny Mindall, Reader in Public Health, Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL





Exhibition Area

Delegate Registration Opens

Registration opens and refreshments are served in the main hall. Delegates will be directed to the main plenary session in the Council Chamber.

13.00 – 15.00

Council Chamber

Keynote: Opening Plenary

Cycle City Active City

Welcome Address from chair
Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council 

Keynote address: 
Robert Goodwill, Minister of Transport - DfT

The role of public health in promoting active travel
Professor Kevin Fenton - Director of Wellbeing, Public Health England

Active Travel - challenges and opportunities

Chair - John Dales, Chair of Transport Planning Society

Keynote: Dublin - how we delivered one of the highest rates of cycling in a major city in Britain and Ireland
Cllr Andrew Montague, former Lord Mayor of Dublin

Keynote: Mainstreaming cycling in Britain
Chris Boardman, MBE, Policy Advisor to British Cycling

Keynote: Walking the walk in an active city
Joe Irvin, CEO, Livingstreets

Panel Discussion

Opening Remarks: Delivering active travel: lessons from London
Lilli Matson, Head of Strategy & Outcome Planning, Surface Transport, Transport for London 

Opening Remarks: Delivering active travel: lessons from Manchester
Dave Newton, Strategy Director, TfGM 

Opening Remarks: Importance of traffic speed to creating active places
Rod King, MBE, Campaign Director, 20s Plenty for Us

Exhibition Area

Afternoon Coffee served in the exhibition area

15.40 – 17.30

Council Chamber

Great Britain and Ireland Cycling Development Forum

Case Study Petcha Kucha and panel discussion

Featuring short presentations from Cycle City Ambition Grant projects, London and Dublin. This overview of what is happening nationwide, will be presented by both councillors and practicioners, and be followed by a panel discussion as to how cities across the British Isles can learn from and support each other to deliver more walkable and bicycle-friendly communities. 

Chaired by: Nigel Wilson, AECOM

  • Department for Transport - Alison Franks
  • London - Lilli Matson
  • Newcastle - Peter White
  • Birmingham - Councillor Lisa Trickett
  • West Yorkshire - Ginny Leonard
  • Greater Manchester - Helen Ramsden
  • Norwich - Ben Webster
  • Cambridge - Vanessa Kelly
  • Bristol - Ed Plowden

15.40 – 17.30

Pandon Room 

Engaging communities in active placemaking

Short presentations followed by a workshop, led by Rob Cowan, Urban Design Skills

Kick-start change for activity
Rob Cowan, Urban Design Skills, the Placeheck team and local community members

DIY Streets - examples of community street design projects
Kieran McSherry, Senior Project Officer, Community Street Design, Sustrans

Getting active: initiatives with staff, families and communities
Michelle Haste and Joanna Coates​, Wellbeing Team, Gentoo Housing Association

Sustainable mobility, delightful neighbourhood? Creating and evaluating inspirational participation in street design
Geoff Vigar, Daniel Mallo and Armelle Tardiveau, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University

Mobility and place for an age-friendly environment
Dr Rachel Clarke, My Place Project, Newcastle University



15.40 – 17.30

Collingwood Suite 

Women and children: towards inclusive cycling 

Chaired by: Sheridan Piggot, Sustrans

Building inclusive cycling communities
Sheridan Piggott, Sustrans

Cities fit for children 
Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer, Westminster University

Cycling, women and good business
Jill Hopkirk, Founder, Newcastle Cycle Hub

Why, What And Best Practice - Designing for 8-80 
Christopher Allan, Consultant, AECOM

Designing Beyond the Bicycle: an Equalities Imperative
Isabelle Clement, Director, Wheels for Wellbeing









17.30 – 19.00

Exhibition Area

Drinks reception in the main exhibition area sponsored by AECOM



Day 1 Close

Active Travel Network Members Networking Dinner

19.00 - 21.30

Hancock Museum

Join us for this informal dinner, dance and networking event to launch the Active Travel Network

After Dinner Speeches

Rory McMullan - The ambition for the Active Travel Network

John Dales, Geordie ex-pat. How I came to be a place-making advocate?

Harry Scrope, Brompton Bike Hire - Win a branded Brompton!



Day 2 - Friday 26 June 2015


Exhibition Area

Registration and Exhibition Opens

0800 – 0920am

Council Chamber

Breakfast briefing

Chair: Peter Chamley, Service Manager, Newcastle City Council

International Benchmarking study for cycling
Phil Jones, MD, Phil Jones Associates

Space for Cycling Campaign - plans for 2015/16
Roger Geffen, Campaigns Director, CTC

Understanding the impact of near misses
Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster 

Designing physical activity into the city
Rachel Toms, Cabe Programme Leader, Design Council

Coffee and pastries served from 07.45

09.30 - 11.00

Council Chamber

Developing a cycle masterplan: policy, vision and strategy

A series of high level strategic presentations

Chaired by: Graham Grant, Newcastle City Council

Delivering the Mayor's Vision for Cycling - Mini-Holland in LB Waltham Forest
Mark Bland, Mini-Holland Programme Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest

From Commuter Cycling to Cycling for Everyone - Greater Manchester Growing cycling agenda
Helen Ramsden, Head of Travel Choices and Active Travel, Transport for Greater Manchester

The Bristol Cycle Strategy - an evidence base in waiting for when funding opportunities arise
Jodi Savickas, Strategic Projects Team Manager & Ben Robinson, Policy and Scheme Development Team Manager, Bristol City Council

Connecting Leicester - How the Car Park King is helping to build a people-friendly city
Andy Salkeld, Cycling Co-ordinator - Transport Strategy, Leicester City Council

The practical implementation of the London Borough of Southwark’s cycle strategy
Matt Hill, Public Realm Programme Manager, London Borough of Southwark




09.30 - 11.00

Pandon Room 

Future everyday mobility

Chair: Chris Tsielepi, Sales Manager, Cyclpods

Lessons about cycle commuting from the 2011 Census
Katja Leyendecker, PHD Research, Northumbria University

How Heathrow will become the best major airport for cyclists in the world
Theo Panayi, Sustainable Travel Manager, Heathow Airport

Accessing public health funding: adapting the 'traditional' cycle- or multi-modal commuter challenge
Tom White, Public Health Commissioner, Oxfordshire County Council  

Delivered by bike! Cycle logistics for more liveable cities 
Paul Davison, Principal Consultant, AECOM & Richard Armitage, Consultant, Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy Ltd

Brompton Bike Hire - changing the way bike hire works
Harry Scope - Managing Director, Brompton Bike Hire

09.30 - 11.00

Collingwood Suite 

Creating active places: achieving the ambition

We all want to create places in which walking or cycling is the first choice for getting around.  This session explores how to overcome the obstacles to achieving this ambition, in existing places and in new developments.

Series of presentations followed by a workshop, led by Rachel Toms, Active by Design Programme Leader, Design Council

Making physical activity an integral part of everyday life
Rachel Toms, Active by Design Programme Leader, Design Council

Promoting healthy cities:  the role of cycle-friendly environments.
Victoria Pinoncely, Research Officer, RTPI

Complexity and empathy: active design starts with people
Dr Micheal Crilly, Studio UrbanArea, Newcastle

Street play: active, healthy communities
Steven Chown, Programme Manager, Play England

Design and management options to encourage sociable, active and healthy places
Robert Huxford, Director, Urban Design Group




09.30 - 11.00

Bewick Room

Integrating cycling within other transport networks

Chair: Neil Brownbridge, Regional Director, AECOM 

Cycle Rail - creating hundreds of thousands of new cycle trips
Conrad Haigh, Head of Integrated Transport, ATOC

Key Issues for the Cycle in Chain Mobility: Experiences and challenges in the Netherlands present opportunities for the UK
Keri Stewart, Technical Director,Grontmij & Jeroen Quee, Senior Advisor, Grontmij

Floating Bus Stops the Brighton Experience
Robin Reed, Traffic Engineering Team Leader, Mott MacDonald

Road space allocation -how to accomodate many modes in tight urban space
Adrian Lord, Associate Director, Phil Jones Associates

Why does it have to be so blue?  (The aesthetics of cycling infrastructure)
Oli Davey and Ian Hingley CMLI MAUD, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design,Urban Movement



Exhibition Area

Morning Coffee served in the exhibition area

11.30 - 13.00

Council Chamber

International Best Practice Review

Chair: Joseph.Seymour, Director, AECOM

Why has cycling become an attractive option for commuters in Dublin?
Joseph Seymour, Director, AECOM

Learning from Cycle Cities - How TfL is applying the lessons from International best practice
Paul Lavelle, Principle Technical Specialist, TfL

Multimodal Orientated Development - how urban development can encourage multi-modal trips (lessons from Holland)
Erik Tetteroo, Consultant, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Cycle Parking - catering for booming demand, lessons from Holland what works and what to avoid
Anita Dirix, Dutch bike parking expert


11.30 - 13.00

Pandon Room 

Improving the infrastructure for walking and cycling

Chair: Pat McArthy, Managing Director, Cyclepods

Turbo-Roundabouts - a model for safer high volume junctions?
Patrick Lingwood, Senior Walking and Cycling Officer, Bedford Borough Council

A tool for assessing quality of cycling infrastructure- width, the surface quality, delay at junctions and traffic comfort Grade A to D. 
Eoin O'Mahony, Associate Director, AECOM

Innovative designs for Cycleway schemes in Cambridge
Vanessa Kelly, Cambridgeshire County Council & Livio Martelli, Highways Engineer, Skanska

The Olympic Park – Getting it Right 2nd time
Robin Reed, Mott MacDonald & John Dales, Urban Movement

TfL East-West Cycle Superhighway
Sarah Turnbull, TfL & Alan Rodgers, Associate Director, AECOM

11.30 - 13.00

Collingwood Suite 

Towards healthy and active environments: supporting decision-making

New collaboration between health and transport professionals on strategy, funding and delivery
Dr Adrian Davis, Public Health and Transport Consultant

Increasing physical activity in the new public health system
Prof Eugene Milne, Director of Public Health, Newcastle City Council

Cycling Rodents: A Public Health Challenge
Richard Smith, Director, Action Streets & CIHT

Transport models: active travel and public health perspectives
James Woodcock, CEDAR, Cambridge University

The role of active travel in improving health
Helen Webster, Principal Consultant, AECOM


11.30 - 13.00

Bewick Room

Community building - schools, training, marketing and leisure

Chair: Habib Khan, Sales Director, Cyclehoop

Green-Schools programme in Ireland - changing travel behaviour in schools 
Jane Hackett, National Manager, An Taisce, Green-Schools

Targeting the next generation of cyclists – Transport for Greater Manchester’s Partner Schools and Colleges Programme
Simon Telford, Consultant, AECOM

Balanceability delivery in Early Years settings for children aged 3 – 6
Pete Z, Cycling consultant

Getting the ‘grown-ups’ back into cycling:  working with adults and promoting cycling to new audiences
Alison Kennedy, Sustainable Travel Officer (Cycling and Walking), CENTRO

The Big Bike Revival and the national propensity to cycle
Ian Richardson, Head of Development, CTC

Big Birmingham Bikes - delivering 5000 bikes to Birmingham residents
John Carrigan, Active Travel & Strategy Manager, Birmingham City Council



11.30 - 1300

Dobson Room

Marketing - Creating Active Travel Behaviour Change

Chair: Amy Boyle, Director of Strategy, DIVA Creative

Marketing throughout all stages of cycling projects
Amy Boyle, Director of Strategy, Diva Creative

Cycling to work: best practice and innovative ideas
Jim McGurn, Chief Executive, Get Cycling CIC

Branding to appeal to the target audience 
Rachel Seymour, Go Cycling Manager, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Marketing the Big Bike Revival
David Murray, Communications Manager, CTC 

Using Social Media to promote a  new Cycle Route
Sarah Spiers, LSTF Communications Manager, Wokingham Borough Council 

Inspiring change: focusing on people & place
Richard Eason, ‘Mini Hollands’ Comms & Engagement Officer, London Borough of Enfield

Start with 'why' - 3 tips on behaviour change
Sam Robinson, General Manager, Love to Ride

Exhibition Area

Lunch served in the exhibition area

14.00 - 15.30

Council Chamber

Business case for investment in active travel

Chair: Gary Macdonald, Regional Director, AECOM

Pedalling to prosperity
Steve Conner, CEO, Creative Concern

Developing the case for continued investment in cycling in London
Helen Fallon, Principal Strategy Planner, TfL

Using the Welsh cycle audit tool to score the proposed schemes for Newcastle's Cycle City Ambition fund bid
Tim Pheby, Senior Engineer, Sustrans

Bidding for money: justifying the benefits 
Helen Webster, Principal Consultant, AECOM 

Cycling Potential: Using evidence to unlock greater investment in and demand for cycling
Nathan Kaczmarksi, Cycling Scotland

National Propensity to Cycle Tool - DfT funded research on prioritising where to build new infrastructure
Dr. Robin Lovelace, Research Fellow, Consumer Data Research Centre, University of Leeds


14.00 - 15.30

Pandon Room 

Making space for activity

Chair: Prof Cathy Parker, Director, Institute of Place Management & Manchester Metropolitan University

Activity: the key indicator of town and city centre performance
Prof Cathy Parker, Director, Institute of Place Management & Manchester Metropolitan University

Tactical urbanism: creativity, art and active spaces 
Graham Grant, Transport Development Specialist, Newcastle City Council

Cities through the eyes of toddlers
Yatwan Hui, Director, Urban Beings

Stepping out: towards an equitable treatment of walking and cycling activity in transport planning
Martin Wedderburn, Independent Transport Consultant 

Local solutions to get more people walking
Jennifer Wiles, Regional Director (North East and Yorkshire), Living Streets


14.00 - 15.30

Collingwood Suite 

Making Cycle Hire Schemes successful

Chair: Kate Gifford, Assistant Director, Carplus

How to secure a public bike - physical docking stations or geolocation?
Nick Lobnitz, CEO, Paper Bicycle

Developments in the bike share market in the USA and globally
Lee Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing, Bcycle

Belfast Public Bike Share - Lessons from launching a public bike scheme in a city with low modal share
Anne Doherty, Development Department, Belfast City Council

A short history of bike sharing in Newcastle
Rob Grisdale, founder of Scratch Bikes (now MD Nextbike UK)

Lessons from the UK's first e-bike share scheme in Inverness
Richard Falconer, Director, Co-wheels

One year on - the award winning 1000 bike Liverpool Citybike  
Karen Stevens, Cycling Officer,​ Liverpool City Council

Bike and Go cycle hire case study
Andrew Bristow, Business Manager - Bike & Go, Merseyrail

14.00 - 15.30

Bewick Room

Creating Safer active travel networks

Chair: David Davies, Director, PACTS

The movement for wide-area doption of 20mph in the UK and impact for all other active travel initiatives
Rod King MBE, Campaign Director, 20s Plenty for Us

Vision Zero - reasons for adoption
Anna Semlyen, Vision Zero UK

CLOCS – Construction Logistics & Cycle Safety/Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme’
Hannah White, Freight & Fleet Project Manager,TfL

Redesigning the strategic road network (DMRB) to promote active travel
Adrian Lord, Associate Director, Phil Jones Associates


Exhibition Area


Towards a healthy and active North-East: next steps

15.45 - 17.00pm

Council Chamber

Newcastle's Cycle strategy workshop 

An interactive workshop on how to achieve a growth in use of bicycles by understanding both the technical (hardware) and behavioural (software) aspects of cycling

Led by: Graham Grant, Newcastle City Council & Erik Tetteroo, Dutch Cycling Embassy



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