Speaker Biographies

The speakers are shown in the order they confirmed. The programme is currently under development and speakers are being added daily. Check back soon for the latest updates.

Marvin Rees


Marvin was elected as Bristol’s second Mayor in May 2016.  His career began working for faith based youth charities in Bristol.  He then spent time as a BBC broadcast journalist before helping to organise the response of faith-based organisations to former President Bill Clinton's Welfare Reform Bill.  He has worked locally for the NHS, managing the Delivering Race Equality in Mental Healthcare action plan.  He took part in the Yale World Fellows Program, the University's signature global leadership development initiative and completed a Master’s Degree in global economic development at Eastern University in the USA. He joined the Labour Party’s Future Candidates Programme in 2011.  In 2012 he set up the City Leadership Programme, which invests in the personal development of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Cllr Mark Bradshaw

Cabinet Member for Transport
Bristol City Council 

Mark is Labour Co-operative Councillor for Bedminster and Cabinet Member for Transport since May 2016.

He was previously Executive Member for transport, environment & regeneration (2007-9) leading on the initial Bristol bid for European Green Capital and for Cycling City.

Mark was Deputy Labour Group Leader (2009-12); Chair of Sustainable Development & Transport Scrutiny Commission (2009-13); and Chair, then Vice Chair, of Joint Scrutiny (2009-11).

He served as Assistant Mayor for Transport, Planning, Strategic Housing and Regeneration (2013-14), and then as Assistant Mayor for Place, including homes, property, energy and flood risk (2014-15).

Jeff Duffell 


Jeff Duffell was the founder of Mobisoft UK in 1998. He helped to develop the UK market for Demand Responsive Transport systems and worked closely with local authorities to develop systems for use in modern Integrated Transport Units.

Jeff originally graduated in Physics and has worked with developing technologies for over 30 years. Over the last 20 years he has focused on the application of modern technologies in transport markets and has helped to develop business areas in a number of European countries in a variety of local authority and business applications.


Isabelle Clement 

Wheels for Wellbeing

Isabelle is Director of Wheels for Wellbeing, an award-winning charity based in London that supports disabled people to discover or rediscover cycling. Established in 2007, the charity works with around 1,300 disabled and older people each year, supporting them to discover that they can cycle and helping them grow their cycling ambitions.

As an urban commuter handcyclist, Isabelle has extensive experience of what it takes to create the right environment so everyone can cycle. She hopes to bring an understanding of cycling to disability groups and of disability to cycling groups. She initiated #BeyondTheBicycle, an alliance with parent cyclists and cargo cyclists who encounter many of the same issues as disabled and older cyclists, and has become a leading influencer in the field of inclusive cycling. She is a regular attendee of the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, an elected member of the London Cycling Campaign’s Policy Forum and appointed member of Sustran’s London Advisory Board. She speaks regularly on issues relating to disability and cycling.

Her charity continues to work with cycling campaigners and professionals to ensure they realise disabled people do cycle. In 2016, Wheels for Wellbeing outlined its key campaigns and policy priorities in its mini manifesto, Beyond the Bicycle, and continues to fight to see inclusive cycling becoming the norm in the UK. 

Andrew Hutcheson

Countryside Manager
Trails and Projects

Andrew is the Acting Environment Manager at Norfolk County Council. He has worked with a cross-disciplinary team to produce the bid for Norfolk’s successful the Sustainable Transport Transition Year bid, Pushing Ahead. Recently Andrew was the officer lead for our Cycling and Walking Strategy working across local government to produce a county and district action plan for cycling and walking.




Tom Platt

Head of Policy and Communications
Living Streets

Tom's passion is in city design, particularly in how people get around. As Head of Policy and Communications at Living Streets, Tompion leads on policy development, campaigning and influencing activity. Tompion is on the board of the International Federation of Pedestrians, has a background in Urban Design and an extensive knowledge of walking and the public realm

Gordon Webster

Transport Planner

Gordon specialises in the spatial analysis and design of the public realm, working on a wide range of walking and cycling focused projects, from strategy planning to detail design.  As a transport planner and landscape architect, Gordon takes a holistic approach to streetscape planning and design.  He is experienced in project managing the delivery of street furniture and public realm enhancement strategies, and is currently working with the Royal Borough of Kingston to deliver the ‘mini-Hollands’ transformational cycling programme.  He was appointed as a technical consultant for Transport for London’s revised Streetscape Guidance and has worked on several walking and cycling projects across London, as well as in Oxford, Birmingham and Peterborough

Daniel Gipple 

Better Points 

Dan Gipple is the Co-founder and CEO of BetterPoints Limited.  He is a long term technology entrepreneur in the social, sustainability and health and wellbeing space and co-founded BetterPoints, a behavioural change technology company with a vision of utilising technology, incentives combined with behavioural science to deliver evidence-led localised behavioural change programmes in partnership with local authorities and health organisations in the UK and EU. 

Marc Delesclefs

Advisor, Business Development
Bewegen Technologies Inc 

Marc is a specialist in cycling as a mode of transport having written the Transport for London business case which secured the funding for the Mayor of London’s £1 billion investment aimed at growing the modal share of cycling. He is a committee member of Montreal’s transport authority (the STM), a member of the board of directors for Velo Quebec (a cycling advocacy organization) and a guest lecturer at McGill University. His work recognises the importance which bike-share has in the future of integrated, shared transport systems. His work at Bewegen is delivering the future of bike-sharing by delivering cutting edge solutions incorporating pedelec bikes and a back office solution designed around Mobility as a Service principles.

Antonia Roberts


Antonia manages Bikeplus a new project supporting the development of bike share and the Shared Electric Bike (EAPC) Programme. She has 15 years experience working in the field of sustainable transport. Antonia was part of the team which set up Carplus in 1999 and spent 10 years helping to nurture the newly emerging car club industry, developing the information programme and accreditation scheme amongst other projects. For the previous 5 years Antonia managed the Active Travel Project promoting walking and cycling at the Universities and Hospitals in Leeds for Sustrans.

Andrea Casalotti

Cargobike Life CIC

Andrea Casalotti is one of the leading figures in the Cargobike industry in the UK. He started importing Christiania Bikes from Denmark 20 years ago. He set up ZERO Couriers, the first London Cargobike Courier Company, active both in express deliveries and multidrops (sold in 2007 to a riders coop). In 2005 he opened Velorution, an urban cycling shop selling the top European Cargobike brands (sold in 2012). In 2014 he co-founded Cargobike Life, a social enterprise with the aim of promoting the use of cargobikes, by making them available to a diverse range of people. He has been involved with the promotion of Cycling Without Age in the UK since the beginning.

His three children have grown up on a Christiania Bike. 

John Davies

Principal Transport Planner 
Jacobs and Cheshire East Council 

John is a Principal Transport Consultant specialising in active travel and transport strategy. John has worked collaboratively with a range of local authorities to secure funding and deliver employment and education focussed travel behaviour change programmes.

John is passionate about delivering high quality urban environments and achieving a step change in active travel through high quality integrated transport networks complemented with effective smarter choices measures.

Cal Jepps 

City ID

Cal is a Senior Graphic and Information Designer at City ID, specialising in the design of integrated multi-modal wayfinding and transportation projects. City ID are an international design practice, known for their approach to improving the identity, legibility, sustainability and user-experience in cities and transit systems.

Recently, Cal has played key roles in encouraging walking and cycling through the evolution of Bristol Legible City, the implementation of enhanced information in the Moscow Metro system, developing new printed maps for San Jose, and improving the customer experience of San Francisco International Airport.

David Dansky 

Head of Training & Development 
Cycle Training UK

David Dansky is the head of training and development at Cycle Training UK, a not-for-profit cooperative that that promotes cycling at schools, for organizations and individuals. He developed an on-cycle courses for professional drivers which is now delivered across London. More recently he is focusing on helping older people to cycle with Silver Cycling, Ride Side-by-Side and the Positive Spin project for people with dementia.  A former teacher, he is also a director of The Association of Bikeability Schemes and sits on the Cycle Safety Working Group for Transport for London 




Health Modelling, UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
University of Cambridge

James lead the Public Health Modelling Programme at CEDAR http://www.cedar.iph.cam.ac.uk/people/leads/james-woodcock/  James’ research focuses on modelling health and sustainability. He has particular interest in how we can improve health in the transition to a low carbon transport  system.  His work investigates both the health impacts of changes to transport and food systems, developing detailed and realistic exposure scenarios, and modelling and how changes could be brought about. He leads the Propensity to Cycle tool project (www.pct.bike) for the Department for Transport.

Vicky Doyle 

Marketing Coordination Manager
Hampshire City Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council, Solent Transport and Surrey County Council

Vicky Doyle has worked in marketing communications for twenty years and has a real passion for behaviour change marketing. For the past six years she has focussed specifically on public and third sector marketing. Vicky’s current role is to create and coordinate the marketing strategy for sustainable travel across the following authorities: Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and Surrey County Council. To date My Journey has been shortlisted for Best LSTF Marketing Campaign 2015 and 2016 in addition to four campaigns being shortlisted for Best UK Public Sector Marketing Campaign of the Year 2015. In addition to her current role, Vicky can also help other authorities who would like to continue promoting sustainable travel but have a reduced resource. Email: victoria.doyle@hants.gov.uk


Tim Caswell 

Managing Director
Hourbike Ltd

Tim Caswell is owner and Managing Director of Hourbike Ltd. Hourbike was born from Tim’s former work and expertise within the Travel Planning industry. Working with companies such as BAA and GSK to develop travel behaviour change programmes, it became apparent that there was a growing need for automated bike hire schemes to solve real and growing environmental, health and transport concerns. Hourbike has worked closely with Homeport since 2007 to develop the current automated bike rental solution, which is deployed in over 12 cities and 6 EU countries. Hourbike currently manages approximately 2000 bikes over 8 automated bike rental schemes in the UK.

Dan Blanchet 

Commercial Manager
iBase Systems Ltd 

Dan Blanchet has been the Commercial Manager with iBase Systems Ltd for over 15 years. Dan’s first involvement with the sustainable transport industry came about in 2005 through significant contributions to a project with the London Borough of Ealing and Transport for London to create iTRACE, a management system to help local authorities record, monitor and evaluate the actual travel behaviour of the community and the effectiveness of travel plans in their area. iTRACE has been adopted by around 30% of UK local authorities and 2016 sees its 10th anniversary.

A significant amount of Dan’s time has been dedicated to supporting the sustainable transport industry and promoting the need for effective management and monitoring of sustainable travel programmes. Dan was elected to the board of Act TravelWise in 2010 and was appointed Treasurer in 2013. Dan also represents the UK on the board of EPOMM, the European Platform on Mobility Management.

Marc Harris

Evaluation and Research Lead
Intelligent Health 

Marc is the evaluation and research lead for Intelligent Health, who delivers a community wide physical activity and active travel intervention called ‘Beat the Street’. Marc is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of each Beat the Street Intervention Intelligent Health deliver, whilst also investigating the wider health, social, psychological and environmental benefits of the intervention. 

Intelligent Health

Intelligent Health build active vibrant communities, where everyone matters.

Founded by Dr William Bird MBE, Intelligent Health is dedicated to increasing physical activity and improving the health of communities around the world. Getting people moving saves public money and improves our environment. Changing behaviour isn’t easy, but Intelligent Health’s knowledgeable, innovative approach makes it enjoyable for the resident and measurable for the funder.

Beat the Street is our award winning programme to get communities moving.

To find out more visit: http://www.intelligenthealth.co.uk

Helen Millier 

Senior Cycling Instructor & Coordinator 
Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service, Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

Helen works in the Kingston and Sutton Cycling Team delivering Bikeability training to children and adults. Adult Cycle Skills include complete beginners, improvers and family cycling.

Our Cycle Scheme is inclusive, ensuring children with special educational needs have the opportunity to cycle. We work with local charities including Staywell Services (formerly Age Concern), Refugee Action and Kingston Council’s Public Health department whose clients often lack the confidence or skills to cycle independently.

Kingston upon Thames received a £33m grant from Transport for London to improve its’ cycle facilities The Cycle Team is involved in supporting and promoting the complementary measures for this project.

Sara Coy

Active Travel Training Coordinator
Leicester City Council 

Sara has coordinated volunteers across several successful charity projects.  Working for the Ramblers between 2010-11, she co-ordinated the work of remote Route Volunteers across four UK cities for ‘Get Walking Keep Walking’. More recently between January 2013 and March 2016 she helped to deliver ‘Get Walking Keep Walking’ in Leicester. This collaboration between the Ramblers and Leicester City Council was funded by the LSTF and encouraged people to walk more, and make more short journeys on foot. She has since established a volunteer-led Walking for Health scheme in Leicester. Currently, from April 2016, Sara has worked for Leicester City Council to deliver Leicester’s Air Quality Walking Project (funded by Defra), involving both volunteers and the general public.

Chris Rushbrook

Head of Delivery
Living Streets

Chris is the Head of Delivery at Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, and has thirteen years’ experience of working in the charity sector on a range of education and behaviour change programmes. Chris currently manages the delivery of the STTY Walk To project working with 16 local authority partners led by Birmingham City Council, and in partnership with Modeshift, to increase walking rates with schools, workplaces and in target locations, in order to tackle congestion and improve access to education and employment.

Sam Robinson 

General Manager 
Love to Ride 

With a professional mental health, communications and CSR background, Sam has a wealth of experience creating and delivering engagement, sustainability & large-scale international development programmes. His career has spanned the public, private & voluntary sectors.

Joining the Love to Ride team in early 2011, Sam now manages part of the global Love to Ride team, creating, delivering and monitoring complex behaviour change projects across a range of sectors. His focus is on the UK and EU, with support for global projects across 3 continents.


Emma Allan 

Go Smarter Programme

Emma is a transport consultant with over 9 years’ experience specialising in transport behaviour change projects in the North East. Emma has most recently been on a two year secondment to the North East Combined Authority, supporting programme management and delivery of the Go Smarter programme, including playing an integral role in developing the successful North East Combined Authority bid for the Sustainable Travel Transition Year Fund.

Aivis Indans 

Marketing Executive
Nextbike UK

Aivis joined nextbike UK in June 2016 whilst completing his Masters in International Marketing at King’s College London. As the Marketing Executive, Aivis conducts market research, writes white papers, and works on engaging with existing and new customers. His undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations from Aston University led him to conduct research and communication jobs at various state and private organisations. He is interested in urbanization and smart transport with the focus on consumer behavior.

Sebastian Schlebusch

NextBike UK 

Sebastian is an experienced researcher and consultant specializing in Sustainable Urban Transportation. He is a graduate of Geography and Urban Studies from WWU Munster. He has worked on research about bicycle friendly cities in Indian context. Since 2010 he has worked with nextbike GmbH and has developed B2B sales portfolio where he successfully developed strategic cooperation with various public transport companies, universities and big corporate clients across Germany. He is also responsible for international expansion of nextbike and has worked across a wide range of countries in implementing sustainable bike sharing schemes. 

Jeremy Wiggin 

Travel Development Team Manager 
Trails and Projects

Jeremy is a transport team leader at Norfolk County Council focussed on delivering sustainable transport solutions in Norfolk.  He is the project lead for innovation projects that use technology to improve the delivery of transport and is involved in strategic transport planning as well as the review and delivery of travel plans.  Jeremy also leads on the delivery of bus rapid transport, development of transport interchanges/hubs and the management of a Voluntary Quality Partnership with bus operators.

Clare Cornes 

Transport Strategist
Transport for Greater Manchester 

Clare Cornes joined Transport for Greater Manchester in 2015. Clare’s work focuses on the policy implications of technology and innovation in the transport sector, with a particular focus on Intelligent Mobility and Mobility as a Service. Clare is also currently studying part-time for a PhD, focusing on the implications of Shared Mobility in Greater Manchester, including investigating the role of the public sector in utilising smart mobility solutions, and new opportunities in service delivery. Previously Clare worked as a Research Assistant at Salford University.

Carragh Teague

Walking Coordinator
Transport for Greater Manchester 

Carragh Teague works for Transport for Greater Manchester leading the walking programme. As part of this role, Carragh heads up the Walking Workplaces initiative which involves supporting over 500 businesses across Greater Manchester.  This involves encouraging employees to incorporate more walking as part of both their daily commute and working day.

She is also currently organising the 3rd Greater Manchester Walking Festival which takes place throughout May 2017.  Working with local districts, health and physical activity partners, walking groups, charities, schools and businesses the festival aim is to get residents of Greater Manchester out walking more.

Lizzie Johnson 

University of the West of England 

I am currently the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator at UWE, Bristol. My background is quite varied having completed a BSc(Hons) Business and Mathematics, MSc Public Health, gained PRINCE2 (Project Management) and ILM qualifications, I am now undertaking further Public Health and Leadership qualifications. I’m responsible for the implementation and execution of health and wellbeing strategies, policies, projects, campaigns and initiatives within the university. My focus is on students and staff and in particular how I can bring our Healthy University Strategy to life to change behaviour and create a healthy culture within the university. 

Dr Miriam Ricci 

Centre for Transport Society
University of the West of England

Dr Miriam Ricci (PhD Innovation Studies, MSc Physics) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Transport and Society, UWE Bristol. Her key research interest is sustainable and equitable urban mobility and she has extensive expertise in transport policy evaluation, innovative vehicle technologies and shared mobility. Additionally, Miriam has recently conducted a qualitative study of transport disadvantage and social exclusion in a deprived neighbourhood of Bristol. Some of her past research explored risk perception and public engagement with hydrogen energy and other low-carbon technologies. Miriam’s ongoing and past research projects include: VENTURER, the driverless demonstration project in Bristol (funded by Innovate UK); EVIDENCE, a review of the benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (Funded by the European Commission); the development of evaluation plans including the identification and monitoring of sustainable mobility indicators to measure economic, environmental and social impacts (CIVITAS Renaissance & West of England Local Sustainable Transport Fund).

Ben Robinson 

Senior Consultant

With 15 years’ experience in both public and private practice, Ben has worked on a large number of on-the-ground projects across the planning, transport and environmental sectors, with a focus on Smarter Choices, Walking and Cycling schemes.

Moving to Arup in 2016, Ben has continued to deliver funding bids, schemes and policy and strategy advice with involvement in Arup’s research projects when time allows. He is passionate about improving places and cities with a specific interest in what is possible in medium sized and regional cities. 

Anthony Jones 

Senior Consultant

Anthony is a Senior Transport Consultant in Atkins Birmingham office. Anthony has over 6 years’ experience of working in a Transport and Project Management environment.

Anthony’s experience includes developing Sustainable Transport initiatives focusing on cycling and walking infrastructure through route prioritisation, business plans and strategies. Anthony has worked on a wide variety of transport strategies and Major Scheme Business Cases   Anthony also has experience of behavioural change programmes through Travel Plan management and delivery.

Nicola Scott 

Senior Transport Planner

Nicola specialises in travel demand management.  Along with 5 years’ experience in the delivery of LSTF/STTY projects for various Local Authorities, Nicola is an expert in travel planning and stakeholder engagement. Nicola is currently working on Hampshire County Council’s STTY Access to Opportunities project and delivering 20 Station Travel Plans on behalf of Great Western Railway. 

Sarah Fish 

Managing Consultant

Sarah is a Managing Consultant in Atkins’ Birmingham Travel Demand Management Team with over 10 years of experience in transport planning, specialising in influencing travel behaviour, travel planning and strategy development. She has been project manager for a range of LSTF and STTY projects with a focus on engagement with businesses.

Sarah’s current areas of interest relate to community engagement as well as the emergence of Mobility as a Service. Sarah takes a keen interest in the end user, and believes in a user-focused approach is vital for successful delivery. 

Jonathan Foster-Clark

Senior Transportation Strategy Advisor 

Jonathan Foster-Clark is a senior advisor with over 20 years’ experience in developing transport strategies for local, regional and national government. He has particular expertise in the role of transport in supporting sustainable economic growth and in helping to create more liveable cities. He is passionate about improving alternatives to the car and has worked with authorities across the country to make the case for smarter choices programmes to improve access to opportunities and encourage more active travel.

Philip Watson 

UK Design Director 

Philip is an architect and Atkins’ UK regional design director, as well as the director responsible for the education sector. He is interested in exploring how design of the environment can positively impact on people’s lives, including their wellbeing. He is skilled in stakeholder engagement and enabling clients to realise their project ambitions. He is a visiting tutor at Sheffield Hallam and Leeds Universities.

Dan Saunders 

Product Manager

Dan has been designing and delivering accessibility planning software solutions for the past 8 years, supplying both software and data to various local authorities and central government departments.   Their flagship product TRACC is used by many authorities to provide on-going monitoring of their transportation networks.  Dan, also has experience with detailed transportation datasets, having worked in the team that delivered Travelines National Dataset (TNDS) which is now used to power many web, mobile and desktop applications.

Alison Kennedy 

Senior Transportation Officer 
Birmingham City Council

Alison Kennedy is a Senior Transportation Officer at Birmingham City Council.  Alison has 20 years’ experience in sustainable transport planning and a particular passion for cycling.  Previous roles include Sustainable Travel Officer at Centro, Infrastructure Manager (Cycle Shrewsbury) at Shropshire Council and Transport Planner at Allott and Lomax Consulting Engineers.

Dr Adrian Davis 

Fellow through Distinction of the Faculty of Public Health (FFPH)
Visiting Professor of Transport & Health, University of the West of England

A founding member of the Transport & Health Study Group (UK) in 1988, Adrian’s work has focused on the health impacts of road transport, the understanding of the importance of health by transport planners, and the application of science in selecting which policies and practices most support health enhancing travel behaviours. He authored the British Medical Association’s first Transport Policy report in 1997, and has drafted various reports for WHO on active travel and mobility.  In 2012/13 Adrian worked in the Dept for Transport’s Sustainable Transport Directorate to provide public health support on the economic evidence base for active travel and for Public Health England in 2015.

Adrian is the UK’s only health and transport specialist funded by a local authority and placed in a Transport Department – that of Bristol City Council. He provides translational research summaries to support officers access the best available research evidence. An Assistant Editor of the Journal of Transport and Health, Adrian was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of the West of England in 2015 in recognition of his ‘multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration on transport and health’. Adrian is a member of the Active Travel Board for the Welsh Government. In the literature addressing inter-sectoral collaboration Adrian would be described as a boundary spanner.

Liz Davidson 


Liz is a co-founder of Esoterix Systems, a technology company working in intelligent mobility. She originally graduated in Production Engineering with Modern Languages before pursuing a career in sales and marketing – including B2C, B2B, and non-profit, agency and client-side. 

Esoterix Systems is running the Mobility on Demand Laboratory Environment (MODLE), an Innovate UK sponsored project, in North and West Bristol. The project is exploring new services, mode integration and business models to offer flexible transport options which meet users’ complex transport needs.

Andy Saunders 

Integrated Transport Manager 
Great Western Railway 

Bio to follow...

Pip Howson 

Team Leader Transport Policy
London Borough of Southwark 

Bio to follow...

Pam Turton 

Assistant Director, Transport, Environment and Business Support
Portsmouth City Council

In 2002 Pam joined Cambridgeshire County Council as a graduate trainee, and undertook a MSc in Transport from Imperial College.  From there, she held a number of positions at Transport for London before joining Portsmouth City Council in 2009.

In her current role, Pam is responsible for Transport Planning and Policy, Road Safety and Active Travel, and Network Management.  Pam completed a Certificate in Promoting Public Health in 2016, and is building on the progress made in Portsmouth to further develop the links between transport and public health to deliver improved health outcomes.

Graham Marshall 

Pro-Social Place and University of Liverpool Institute of Psychology, Health and Society

Graham studied landscape architecture and urban design in London during the 1980’s with an aspiration to spend a lifetime changing and improving places.  Through the 1990’s, he focused on the emerging urban design agenda in London, working with leading practices on cutting edge projects and national policy development.  Notable street based projects include Kensington High Street, SRB 2 programmes for Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham along the Thames corridor and the Ashford Ring Road. In 1999, Graham was a founding director of the Urban Regeneration CompanyLiverpool Vision, responsible for Development, Planning and Design - was lead author of the award winning Movement and Public Realm Framework.  In 2005, he established Maxim Urban Design, acting primarily as a design advisor to the public sector. In 2012, Graham established the Prosocial Place Programme with colleagues at the University of Liverpool where he is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Heseltine Institute.  Prosocial Place is a way of thinking about and designing urban environments with the mental wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities at the forefront.  The aim is to develop an integrated evidence base and practice that can inform urban planning, design, development and place stewardship.  Graham has been active on several regional Design Review Panels and is currently a Built Environment Expert with Design Council CABE.  

Kevin Burke 

Principal Transport Planner
London Borough of Southwark

Kevin is an independent consultant currently employed as a Principal Transport Planner for Southwark Council. He has previously worked in a variety of urban and transport planning roles for Cork City Council, VicRoads in Melbourne and Auckland City Council.

In 2009, he moved to London, working initially for Waltham Forest and later as Senior Transport Planner for Hackney Council where he led on the production of the Hackney Transport Strategy 2025. Kevin also project managed the Cycle Hackney smartphone app and Hackney Parklet in conjunction with Sustrans London and Cyclehoop Ltd. He also led as a client sponsor on the Regents Row Improvement scheme and the Wetlands to Wetlands walking and cycling greenway project.

At Southwark Council he is responsible for preparing the Kerbside Strategy. The Strategy will set out the Council’s over-arching approach to reallocating kerbside space as a tool to promote ‘Healthy Streets’  by facilitating greater levels of active travel.  

Eime Tobari

Associate Director 
Space Syntax 

Eime Tobari qualified as an architect in Japan in 2002 and has extensive research experience in architecture and sociology. Her academic interest primarily lies in relationships between individuals and society through social networks and use of spaces. She obtained her first PhD in Engineering (Architecture) in 2003 in Japan and her second one in Sociology from the University of Greenwich in 2011.

Eime joined Space Syntax in November 2007 as a design consultant. She became an Associate Director in 2014. She has international project experience at both the building and urban scales.

Peter Hardy 


Peter Hardy is a Director at SYSTRA who specialises in passenger transport projects. He provides strategic support to public and voluntary sector organisations on all aspects of local bus and community transport, and education, social care and health transport. Over the last two years, he has been the link between the DfT and the 37 local authority pilot projects funded by the DfT under its Total Transport initiative. He has co-ordinated networking between the organisations and is gathering experience and findings from each as they draw to a close in March 2017.

Emily Walsh

Associate Director, Movement and Place
Systra - JMP

Emily is an Associate Director at SYSTRA – JMP. She has wide ranging experience of Transport and Movement Planning, Urban Design, Public Realm Design and Masterplanning.

From a transport and movement perspective this includes policy and strategy development at a local and regional scale; capital programme development, street design, planning advice and expert witness work.

From an urban design perspective this includes masterplan development, both as a project promoter and as part of a planning authority; development brief production, public realm strategy development and implementation.

Emily has good experience of partnership working in complex contexts politically and organisationally with both private and public sector partners. In addition to this she has extensive experience of public and stakeholder engagement.

She has also been involved in the the production of a number of pieces of national guidance including MFS 1 and 2 and an expert panel member at MADE and OPUN. She also currently chairs the RTPI’s West Midlands Urban Design Forum.

Dr Jemima Stockton 

Research Associate, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
University College London

Jemima is a Research Associate in the UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, working within the multi-disciplinary Street Mobility and Network Accessibility team on community severance. In 2014, Jemima completed a PhD investigating associations between neighbourhood physical environments and physical activity and mental health in adults. This included the development of a novel walkability index for London, based on land use mix, residential density and street connectivity, using geographical and statistical software. Jemima has an MSc in Molecular Medical Microbiology and an MSc in Sustainable Development.

Marko Tainio

Health Modelling, UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
University of Cambridge

Marko is a Senior Research Associate working in UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), University of Cambridge. Marko’s research area is transport, environment and health and he has long experience in applying Health Impact Assessment method for physical activity, air pollution, noise, injury and chemical risks. His most noticed paper is the “Can air pollution negate the health benefits of cycling and walking”, published in May 2016. Before joining CEDAR Marko was assistant professor in Polish Academy of Sciences and researcher in National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland. His background is in environmental sciences and environmental health.

Prof. Rhiannon Corocoran

Professor of Psychology and Academic Director, Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice
University of Liverpool & Pro-Social 

Rhiannon is a Professor of Psychology and Academic Director of the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice at  the University of Liverpool, UK. She has researched the psychology of mental health and wellbeing for nearly 30 years and is particularly interested in the relationship between community, place and mental wellbeing. She directs the Community Wellbeing evidence programme of the UK's What Works Centre for Wellbeing as well as her own Prosocial Place research and knowledge exchange programme. She sits on the Government's Advisory Committee on Community Engagement for the National Estates Regeneration Strategy and the Liverpool City Region Social Economy Panel. She is on the Board of the International Self Care Foundation and was amongst those inputting to the UN Habitat III topic of building mental health into cities. Believing that the cities of the future need to be developed and managed with social sustainability and community well-being in mind, Rhiannon uses cross disciplinary approaches to understand how to make our city's better for us.


Senior Strategy Programme Manager, Strategy Group
NHS England

Sara McCafferty is Senior Strategy Programme Manager for Healthy New Towns Programme at NHS England. Prior to this role she worked as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Health where she worked on a variety of strategy and delivery projects including work on national performance standards; transforming out of hospital care and devolution. Sara is passionate about evidence based policy and about effective use of public resources; she joined the Department from Newcastle University where she worked as an applied Health Economist and was actively involved with Clinical Commissioning Groups and local authorities aiming to maximise utility from commissioning budgets. Her PhD is in health policy and management and it developed a conceptual model to understand how national policy change is implemented at local levels.

Dr. Kiron Chatterjee 

Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour
University of the West of England

Dr Kiron Chatterjee is Associate Professor in Travel Behaviour in the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of the West of England. His research seeks understanding of the way in which people travel and how this is influenced by the transport system and social, economic and technological change. He recently completed an evidence review for DfT on the causes of the decline in car driving of young adults in Great Britain and is currently leading a study on the relationship between commuting and wellbeing. Kiron is an experienced evaluator of sustainable transport programmes.

Allison Dutiot

Gehl Architects & Lecturer
University of the West of England, Bristol

Allison has practiced and taught in the United States, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Her broad experience encompasses small to large scales, from interior design and spatial planning to architecture and the urban scale, and private and public sector work. She has been responsible for the delivery of complex teams and remits, from inception to implementation. A dedicated collaborator and respected teacher, she treasures bringing the right people and components together, crafting processes and dialogues that elicit delight and deliver better places for people.

Jonathan Bray 

Urban Transport Group 

Jonathan joined Urban Transport Group (then pteg) in 2003 as Assistant Director, and then was appointed Director in 2008.

Before that Jonathan’s background was a mix of transport policy and transport campaigning.

As a consultant his clients included local transport authorities, the BBC and the Strategic Rail Authority.

He was also one of the founders and co-ordinators of the campaign against the national road programme in the early nineties and later led the Save our Railways campaign against rail privatisation. He has also worked for the Campaign for Better Transport on a range of sustainable transport issues.

Overall the hallmark of Jonathan’s career has been a steadfast commitment to sustainable and equitable transport policies. This includes playing a major role in some of the biggest battles for progressive change to public policy on transport.


Jon Lamonte

Urban Transport Group Chair and TfGM Chief Executive
Urban Transport Group & TfGM 

Jon Lamonte joined Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) as CEO in 2013.  His portfolio covers rail, bus, tram, highways, cycling and other forms of active transport.  TfGM is the executive delivery arm of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Jon Lamonte was the CEO of Tube Lines from 2011 – 12, including the critical period of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tube Lines, as part of Transport for London, was responsible for the maintenance, renewal and upgrade of the Underground infrastructure on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.

Jon joined from the Royal Air Force where he fulfilled a number of senior operational roles and led major project delivery. His most recent role was Chief of Staff, Strategy, Policy and Plans, which included co-leading the Strategic Defence and Security Review into the maritime programme for the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Prior to this Jon was Director General Finance for Defence Equipment and Support, the MoD’s £17bn a year procurement and logistics organisation. Other roles included running the RAF’s largest base, Brize Norton, with over 4,500 people and three fleets of transport and air-to-air refuelling aircraft.  


Martin Wedderburn 

Transport Consultant 
Walk 21 & FLOW

Martin is an independent transport consultant and an Associate of Walk21. He is experienced transport planner who has worked on a range of multi-modal studies internationally, and has a particular interest in all aspects of data collection, analysis and forecasting, and evaluation of walking and cycling.

Daniel Black


Daniel Black specialises in urban development decision-making, and focuses on planetary and human health. Having spent many years learning about processes and detail downstream in a range of urban disciplines including transport, urban design, building construction and community engagement, he now leads research into decision-making that takes place upstream: governance, partnerships, corporate strategy, risk management. Daniel has been Non-Executive Director of his family's multi-award winning development company, Clipper Estates, for over almost 15 years, which has provided valuable insight into institutional decision-making and the commercial realities of development process. Since setting up as an independent consultant in 2012 he has won £750,000 in research funding from InnovateUK, NERC and the Wellcome Trust and has been commissioned to assess the health and sustainability of three high profile super-major developments in Bristol. He is a Visiting Research Fellow at UWE Bristol (WHO Centre for Healthy Urban Environments) and the University of Reading's Henley Business School (Real Estate and Planning). He works closely with multiple other universities, academics and consultants, particularly at the Universities of Bath and Bristol.



Hannah is a Transport Planner at SYSTRA Limited. Hannah specialises in influencing travel behaviour and has been assisting the North East Combined Authority's Go Smarter to Work programme with their active travel promotion and activities. 

Dr Ann Marie Connolly

Deputy Director, Health Equity and Mental Health, Health and Wellbeing Directorate
Public Health England

Dr Ann Marie Connolly was appointed to the role of Director of Health Equity and Impact in Public Health England in April 2013. Working from the Health and Wellbeing Directorate her role is to ensure that the new public health system is supported to address health inequalities and the determinants of those inequalities. She leads for the organisation on all aspects of health equity.

Originally trained as a GP, Dr Connolly has been working in public health for the past 25 years, most recently as a Director of Public Health in a London borough. Over her career she has held a variety of posts both within and outside of the UK. These include working for WHO EURO on Healthy Cities across Europe, research on HIV with the Medical Research Council of South Africa and embedding public health in the curriculum of a new medical school in Ireland.

David Malone

NHS Foundation Trust and Chair
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals 

Bio to follow...

Janet Ige 

Research Associate
University of the West of England

Janet is a Research Associate in Public Health in the Department of Health and Social Sciences, University of the West of England. She is a current PhD student (part-time) and has a Master’s degree in Public health. Janet has varied experience working on several research projects in the field of environment and sustainability. Taking a socio-ecological approach to public health, Janet’s research work revolves around, understanding the complex associations between the built environment and health and wellbeing. She has developed skills in conducting evidence reviews analysing quantitative and qualitative data.

Carly Wood 

Marketing and Communications Team Manager
Diva Creative

Bio to follow...

Francesca Racioppi

Senior Policy and Programme Advisor, Environment Health Policy and Governance
WHO Europe

Francesca Racioppi is a Senior Policy and Programme Advisor on European Environment and Health Governance and Multisectoral at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, in Copenhagen.

Her work focuses on the integration of health consideration in decisions, policies, planning and investments affecting natural and built environments, particularly with respect to transport and mobility. 

Between 2007 and 2011, Francesca was the acting Head of the Rome Office of the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health.  

Dr Stephen Watkins

Director of Public Health and Co-Chair
Stockport Council and Transport and Health Study Group

Born and bred in Lancashire, England, Steve, a rambler and railway enthusiast, qualified in medicine in 1974, obtained his public health master’s degree in 1982 and has been a Director of Public Health for Stockport since 1990. He was one of the founder members of the Transport & Health Study Group when it was launched in 1989 and became its chair a few years later. In 2013 when the role of chair was split in two he became the Co-chair (Policy). He was a co-author and editor of Health on the Move and of Health on the Move 2. His interests in public health include not only transport but also the health effects of economic policy. He is a Council member of the British Medical Association and a former President of the Medical Practitioners Union (a UK body which describes itself as the medical organisation of the social movements of the people).


Clare Gibbons

Programme Lead
Northstowe Healthy New Town

Programme Lead for Northstowe Healthy New Town. Following post-graduate biomedical research, Clare developed an interest in rural transport through successive roles within the Countryside Commission (Rights of Way, National Trails and Quiet Lanes), Countryside Agency (Rural transport and Market Town regeneration) and latterly with South Cambridgeshire District Council, as a Development Officer working with community transport providers and local community rail partnership. A qualified project manager and transport manager (passenger transport) Clare is exploring how the HNT programme can assist with the integration of active travel into the Northstowe way of life, capitalising on the highly successful Cambridgeshire Guided Busway linking Northstowe with Cambridge and the measures secured within Northstowe s106 agreements to support active travel.


Louise Gold

Senior Project Officer

Louise has spent the last seven years project managing sustainable transport schemes within Third Sector organisations and on behalf of local authorities. She is currently Senior Project Officer at Sustrans.

Alice Dalton

Senior Research Associate
University of East Anglia

Alice’s research focus is on the environmental influences on population health. Her work investigates the role of the built and natural environments for encouraging physical activity, improving health and reducing health inequalities. She is currently evaluating the DfT-funded ‘Pushing Ahead’ walking and cycling project at Norfolk County Council. 

Paola Spivach

Street Design, Pedestrian and Cycle infrastructure

I have nearly 20 years professional experience spanning over all aspects of street design, including street regeneration, traffic calming, sustainable transport strategies, road safety, safe routes to schools and also accident investigation and prevention schemes. 

I focus on sustainable transport and the relationship between roads and the urban environment, integrating technical knowledge of traffic engineering and traffic planning with urban design and innovative approaches to street and junction design. I have worked on several ground-breaking shared space schemes and community led street design schemes. I currently lead Sustrans England South Design and Engineering team.

Andy Winmill

Smarter Travel Team & Board Director
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff & Act TravelWise

Andy is a travel demand management and behavioural change specialist. During his early career he spent four years in the Smarter Choices team at Hampshire County Council, developing and delivering innovative projects and contributing to wider understanding within the field.

He presently leads the Smarter Travel discipline at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff with a remit to deliver projects to clients across the UK and internationally. As an experienced professional he takes leading roles in planning, implementing and evaluating smarter travel projects across different sectors.

Kevin McGeough

Head of Place-Making & Project Director
Ebbsfleet Garden City

Kevin is a multi-disciplined professional with over 20 years built environment experience in design, delivery and strategic policy development for housing and regeneration projects across the UK. At Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, Kevin has responsibility for developing and delivering on the Vision for Ebbsfleet as a 21st Century Garden City. Kevin is also the Project Director for the Healthy New Town at Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Kevin has previously worked for the Homes and Communities Agency as Head of Corporate Strategy where his roles included leading national thinking around Sustainable Development and the links between health and housing, specifically for vulnerable and older people. 

Kevin has led the production of a number of national best practice initiatives and publications, including; The Carbon Challenge (Hanham Hall, Bristol), HAPPI (Housing our ageing population: panel for Innovation); Urban Design Compendium 2 – delivering quality places, and Car parking – what works where.

Kevin is a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of both the Academy of Urbanism and the Urban Design Group.

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