Better buses

According to recent statistics produced by the Department for Transport, bus service use in England is in decline. Although bus use per person has increased significantly in London over the last 25 years (+52%), it has fallen by 40 per cent in many other English metropolitan areas.

20 July 2018 | Local Transport Today 

Smarter Travel LIVE! delegates to ride Liverpool's new DRT bus service

Liverpool is to become the first UK city to run ArrivaClick, the Arriva UK Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) solution, the largest service of its type in the UK – and Smarter Travel LIVE! delegates will be able to use the new service to get from key arrival points to the conference venue in Liverpool 

20 July 2018 | Local Transport Today 

Travel demand: which mobility future are we planning for?

Painting a picture of the changing use of our transport system is not easy. A picture composed only of averages or aggregate change amounts to clumsy brush strokes. The finer detail in the picture comes from the artist’s ability to reflect the diversity of components of change – the distributions from which the averages arise.  

20 July 2018 | Local Transport Today 

Making local journeys better

The Liverpool City Region (LCR) continues to develop some excellent initiatives with the funding it has received, delivering key infrastructure projects which support cycling and walking as well as complementary activities around behavioural change, particularly those linked to travel to work.  

11 May 2018 | Local Transport Today 

Shaping future mobility through connected thinking

Mott MacDonald sees future mobility as being about the changing way we use and interact with transport, land use and telecommunications systems. It’s about changes to connectivity and accessibility as well as new and emerging technologies, says Glenn Lyons, Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility

11 May 2018 | Local Transport Today 

The transformational power of transport

If you're talking about transformation and innovation, and the most sustainable options for moving people around, then you're talking to the right people in the right city region,’ says Mayor Rotheram

11 May 2018 | Local Transport Today 

Early movers are creating a new model for mobility

Nathan Marsh explores the ‘broad and interconnected nature of intelligent mobility’ that encompasses Dyson’s entry into the EV market, the rise of Uber and the open ledger platform Blockchain

13 October 2017 | Local Transport Today 

Continuity is driving force behind smarter solutions

Judging from this year’s Smarter Travel LIVE! programme, there will be a great deal of discussion about the future of transport, intelligent mobility and smart cities. Five years ago the conference’s focus was on ‘Rebooting Smarter Travel’ and we were just getting to grips with the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF).

13 October 2017 | Local Transport Today 

Taking transport to a new level

Intelligent mobility has the potential to revolutionise our socio-economic system and ensure sustainable growth, believes Dr Wolfgang Schuster

29 September 2017 | Local Transport Today 

Why it makes sense to map out the future of EV charging

With the days of the combustion engine seemingly numbered, an acceleration of the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) looks increasingly likely. EVs still make up a small proportion of all vehicles – just 1.7% of the total new car market in the UK – but local authorities should start planning now for charging point networks, says Dr David Connolly, Director of Innovation at transport planning consultants SYSTRA.

29 September 2017 | Local Transport Today 

The needs of users must be at the heart of MaaS

A Mobility as a Service (MaaS) trial in Cambridge revealed a growing willingness among commuters to change how they travel to work, but modal shift will only happen if consumers are listened to, writes Nafeezah Padamsey

15 September 2017 | Local Transport Today 

All transport is local…

Bragdon recently led Transit Center in a research initiative called All Transportation is Local: A Field Guide for City Leaders. ‘There certainly are ways to make a difference,’ says Bragdon. ‘In a word, go local. Local officials have more influence over transportation than they think,’ he says.

01 September 2017 | Local Transport Today 

Improvement through innovation

Transport operators, infrastructure owners, local authorities and the consultancies that serve them are struggling to compete with disruptive changes in transport, says Alex Froom, Director, Zipabout

18 August 2017 | Local Transport Today 

Listening to transport users will help shape digital landscape

The evolution of technology has opened up the transport industry to endless possibilities. As this grows, so too does the need to address customer choice and empowerment. But is industry doing enough to understand the people who use and rely on transport services? 

04 August 2017 | Local Transport Today

Making the right connections

Innovative thinking, collaboration between the private and public sectors and the right incentives from government will help unlock the barriers to truly integrated transport systems, Stephen Hart tells Deniz Huseyin

04 August 2017 | Local Transport Today

Minister calls for ‘viable alternatives’

The best way to encourage people to drive less is to develop “attractive and affordable” alternatives such as car sharing and car clubs, said transport minister Andrew Jones at Smarter Travel LIVE!...

01 April 2016 | Local Transport Today

Transport celebs vie for virtual prize

Delegates At Smarter Travel LIVE! Cast Their Votes To Decide Which Of Six Transport Ideas Should Secure ‘Virtual Funding’ Of £250,000, Reports

01 April 2016 | Local Transport Today

Awards recognise the top smarter travel teams

The five categories attracted 65 entries, so it was no easy task for the independent judging panel to reach their decisions...

01 April 2016 | Local Transport Today

Get set for a new transport model

City authorities and transport providers need to make the transition to a personalised, user-focused mobility system, writes George Hazel

07 March 2016 | Local Transport Today

‘I’m a Transport Celebrity… Give Me Funding!’

Six passenger transport personalities will be making quick-fire pitches at Smarter Travel LIVE! in a bid to win the ‘Totally Smarter Transport Fund’, reports Meera Rambissoon

07 March 2016 | Local Transport Today

This is the age of the app

The value of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to the consumer is clear while the potential opportunities for the public and private sectors are vast, believes John Bradburn

07 March 2016 | Local Transport Today

Data maps will transform active travel 

Ordnance Survey and Basemap are developing accurate road network data and software to encourage active travel, writes Mia Benjamin

07 March 2016 | Local Transport Today

Devolved regions can fly flag for active travel

Government support for smarter travel has been disappointing, but devolution deals mean that city regions can lead the shift away from car dependency, suggests Stephen Joseph

07 March 2016 | Local Transport Today

See us at Smarter Travel LIVE!

We're an official supporter of the two day event which includes a conference, workshops, speed learning sessions, a hackathon, exhibitions and the Smarter Travel Awards

25 Feb 2016 | Sustrans

A stopgap until the real deal

Funding is always a concern in the world of sustainable transport. What was laudable about the £600m Local... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

The road to Intelligent Mobility

Simon White
Population growth, traffic, pollution and the overall transport experience are such that a... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

New town, new transport solutions 

Brian Matthews
Milton Keynes is an innovative, ‘can-do’ city. Its unique layout and structure has... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Big data can keep traffic flowing 

Graham Bradley
Anyone who has ever experienced the morning rush hour knows just how busy the UK’s roads... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Beyond the horizon 

Jonathan Bray
Our major urban areas are experiencing a period of... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

And the beat goes on 

Margaret Mcdonnell
Beat the Street is a community-wide programme that... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

The best interventions

Tony Duckenfield
One of the outcomes of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Life on the Smarter Travel frontline 

Sarah Fisher And Rachel Evans
Give me a snapshot of your Smarter Travel career to date? Rachel Evans: I’ve been at Atkins for three... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Shared mobility makes sense 

Alistair Kirkbride
Once the province of co-operatives and community groups, shared transport has... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Green travel is good for business 

Steph Norris
Perched on the Sunrise Coast of Suffolk, Lowestoft holds the title of the ‘most easterly... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Active travel must be part of the mix

Jason Torrance
Intelligent Mobility has become a bit of a buzz phrase of late, with everyone from the UK Government to the... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

The recruitment drivers 

Polly Williams
A travel planning partnership between Liftshare and Stagecoach... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

On-street screens spread the word 

Robin Bennett
If you are under the impression that the digitisation of passenger transport planning, information... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

New cyclists ride on 

Sam Robinson
The first National Cycle Challenge last year was involved... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Taking cycling to a new level 

Allison Parkes-Norris
The rise in popularity of urban cycling is evident in towns and cities throughout the... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Cycle cities can be car-friendly 

Michael Glotz-Richter
Thanks to smartphones and navigation systems, we are able to gain access to some very... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

Time for ITS firms to embrace difference 

Jennie Martin
Like other areas of the transport and engineering professional sectors, the ITS (intelligent transport systems)... 
17 Feb 2016 | Local Transport Today | Supplements

The changing face of mobility

Smarter Travel LIVE! is ideally timed to explore the connections emerging between sustainable travel and intelligent mobility solutions. Both have an important role to play in developing sustainable alternatives to the current transport model. The Landor LINKS event, which takes place at ArenaMK in...
22 January 2016 | Local Transport Today

Tackle congestion with intelligent solutions

Intelligent transport systems have a vital role to play in tackling  transport challenges ranging from cycling safety to motorway management, says Jennie Martin...
22 January 2016 | Local Transport Today

‘Beat Box’ challenge is driving down car use

Beat the Street, the programme that gets residents to compete against each other to see who can walk, cycle or run the furthest, has released figures that show that significant numbers of participants...
13 January 2016 | TransportXtra

‘Long term benefits of travel plans must be clearly illustrated’

The government’s spending review has highlighted the importance of evaluating sustainable transport programmes in a transparent and independent way, believes Jon Parker at consultant...
08 January 2016 | TransportXtra

Walking and cycling will help to boost economy and "eliminate the deficit" - DfT

The DfT has declared that increasing the number of people choosing to walk or cycle will help reduce congestion and therefore "support the delivery of our long-term economic plan to eliminate the deficit...
18 December 2015 | TransportXtra

Making the right connections will keep cities moving

With urban areas coming under increasing demands from vehicles and other road users, steps must be taken now to properly deploy intelligent systems to improve traffic flow, says... 
10 December 2015 | TransportXtra

Martin calls for intelligent solutions to congestion

Intelligent transport systems have a vital role to play in tackling a host of transport challenges ranging from cycling safety to motorway management, believes Jennie Martin, secretary general of...
09 December 2015 | TransportXtra

‘The case for active travel is getting stronger’ says Atkins team

There is a large body of evidence that LSTF projects have successfully brought about travel behavioural change, say Rachel Evans and Chris Hanley...
09 December 2015 | TransportXtra

MK takes poll position in pioneering intelligent mobility

A project to develop fully automated, driverless vehicles on the streets of Milton Keynes has won the 2015 Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Automotive Award for…
07 December 2015 | TransportXtra

‘The future of transport will be shaped by apps, not infrastructure’

There is growing evidence of a shift in lifestyle choices from ownership to use, according to Alistair Kirkbride, director at Carplus, the environmental transport NGO. “Whether it’s AirBnB or Uber, the headlines are...
07 December 2015 | TransportXtra

Big data can help keep traffic flowing

By using real-time data from connected cars, transport authorities can swiftly make informed decisions to alleviate congestion, writes Graham Bradley. Anyone who...
04 December 2015 | TransportXtra

‘Active travel must be at core of joined-up approach to transport’

In the face of shrinking budgets, rising obesity and concerns over air quality, local authorities will have to develop a more joined-up approach to transport, believes Tony Duckenfield, head of behavioural…
03 December 2015 | TransportXtra