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19 October Programme

Please note that the programme is currently under development. Please check back soon for updates.


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ATKINS Conference Area

Innovate, disrupt & improve

International keynotes outline the broader opportunities and challenges for Intelligent Mobility

Speakers include:

The intelligent mobility story across the USA: the happening and the hype
David Bragdon, Chief Executive of the NYC Transit Centre, former President, Oregon Metro Council and former Director, Long-Term Planning and Sustainability in the administration of Mayor Michael R Bloomberg, NYC

A new vision of how city transport might be provided in future
Philippe Crist, Project Manager, International Transport Forum at the OECD 

Optimising the mobility of people and goods
Karine Dognin-Sauze, Vice-President, Lyon Metropolis (invited)

Session to be followed by a facilitated Q+A


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A focus on the UK: working together to deliver smart mobility that truly serves

Creating a collaborative and equitable ecosystem for smarter travel

Chair: Ian Meikle, Director of Infrastructure Systems, Innovate UK 

Speakers include:

Jesse Norman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Transport (invited)

Paul Campion, CEO, Transport Systems Catapult

Geoff Snelson, Strategy Director, Milton Keynes Council 

Dr Wolfgang Schuster, Technical Director, UK and Europe, Atkins

Session to be followed by a facilitated Q+A


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The Green Room

MaaS offers huge potential; but we need to get it right

This session will explore the delivery of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on a strategic level: 

  • getting the business models right

  • making it viable for transport operators to collborate

  • communications channels with the customer

The need for collaboration and sharing across the MaaS platform
Jonna Pöllänen
, Collaborations Manager, MaaS Global

Better engagement with public authorities
Richard Harris
, International Thought Leader in Intelligent Transport Systems, HMI Technologies

Ensuring MaaS delivers on its promised benefits
Martin Higgitt
, Market Director, Sustainable Transport, SYSTRA

MaaS: customer communications will be key
Daniel Chick
, Technical Director, Zipabout

Behavioural change: the human element in a digital age

Can behaviour change work, and how do we know it has?
Dan White, The Behaviouralist

What Intelligent Mobility can learn from Smarter Choices
Beth Hiblin, Associate, Transport Quality for Life

Smarter interventions, and how gamification builds them in
Scott Davidson, Lead, Sustainable Travel Transport Research Laboratory

Can technology add value to personal travel planning?
Ian Bewick, Transport Planning and Behavior Change, Steer Davies Gleave

The power of incentives in changing travel behaviour
Hannah Bowden, Programme Director, BetterPoints

Accessibility for all

Can automated, demand responsive public transport services for smaller towns and cities really work?
Alan Nettleton, Senior Technologist, Transport Systems Catapult

MODLE (The Mobility on Demand Laboratory Environment)
Liz Davidson, Co-founder, Esoterix Systems

Taxi accessibility: planning, location, and design of taxi ranks in urban areas
Tom Fleming, Transport Consultant, Integrated Transport Planning

Accessibility and innovation
Tracy Savill, Department for Transport

Supporting sustainable travel in rural areas
Chris Harte, Managing Consultant, Atkins

Air quality, environmental health and cleaner vehicles

An interactive panel session, faciliated by Gavin Bailey, Technical and Business Development Manager, Transport Research Laboratory,  will offer high level, strategic views on how we can clean up surface transport. Panellists will represent the motor industry, national and local government, transport operators, the freight sector and active travel advocacy

Panellists to be confirmed


Digital infrastructure: new horizons

oneTRANSPORT: from closed transport solutions to open marketplaces
Alan Carlton, VP InterDigital Europe

Ticketing: where is the vision?
Ian Robinson, Projects Director, SYSTRA 

Smart Routing: a new public transport experience
Ben Stewart, Caution Your Blast & Nikki SpencerDigital Birmingham, Birmingham City Council

Catch! Crowdsourced travel-behaviour data is here... so what?
Peter Lindgren, Co-founder, Travel Ai

iTravel: multi-modal real-time journey routing
Peter Lilley, Co-founder and director, iGeolise


Afternoon Coffee Break

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ATKINS Conference Area

Project Showcase

PROJECT SHOWCASE: Meet the teams from up to 80 of the innovative projects and initiatives driving smarter mobility in the UK and Europe

Explore the best of the Smart Mobility projects that are driving progress across the UK and Europe. This session will feature new and current mobility projects supported by Innovate UK, the Transport Systems Catapult, the Department for Transport, private investors, entrepreneurs and academia

Two one-hour sessions, with a short break between, will provide a fast-moving discussion platform for knowledge-sharing and helping teams to network.

The projects will be presented simultaneously at ‘bar tables’ marked by numbered balloons, in 6 x 10 minute sessions.

A horn will be sounded when it is time to move to the next project.


Drinks Reception

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20 October Programme

Please note that the programme is currently under development. Please check back soon for updates.


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ATKINS Conference Area

Breakfast briefing: improvement through innovation

Better value for the travelling public
Nic Cary, Head of Data Policy, Department for Transport

Improved transport services with reduced costs
Dr Walter Tuttlebee OBE, Chair, Transport Data Initiative

Better transport infrastructure through technology and digital innovation
Wendy Alison, Business Manager, Transport, Satellite Applications Catapult


Registration opens in the foyer of Arena MK

Refreshments served within the main exhibition area


ATKINS Conference Area

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MaaS in practice

This session will take a closer look at how MaaS platforms and operations are being developed and delivered around the UK:

WHIM: West Midlands
Chris Lane, Head of Smart Travel, Transport for West Midlands

Zume: Cambridge
Alex Moore & Nafeezah Padamsey, Atkins

Motionhub: A UK MaaS solution pilot
Russell Fenner, Head of Innovation, E-Car Club

NaviGoGo: Scotland’s first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform
The National Youth TeamDavid Smith, Lead project manager, ESP Group


Future-proofing ITS: how local authorities can make the best investment decisions

The IET and ITS-UK present a look at emerging transport technologies in the local authority context.  From public transport to traffic management, technology is constantly evolving and offers new, cost-effective ways of improving accessibility, air quality, congestion and safety in urban and rural locations. This panel-led session will share best practice and discuss the latest developments including:

  • How new transport technologies are helping local authorities to deliver better, more cost-effective mobility option

  • The best methods to plan, specify and procure digital transport infrastructure

  • Using existing assets most effectively

Chair: Darren Capes, Transport Systems Manager, City of York Council

Panellists tbc

Passenger transport futures

Session co-programmed by TAS Partnership

This session will explore the economic and financial imperative of using new technologies to drive higher demand and ridership on passenger transport services.

Facilitator: Chris Martin, Head of Business Development, The TAS Partnership 

Asiya Jelani, Business Development Director, Demand Responsive Transport, Arriva Bus (UK)

Jean-Baptiste Casaux, Business Development manager, Citymapper

Charlie Hamilton, Director, Impact Group

Phil Southall, Managing Director, Oxford Bus Company

Q+A, summary and closing remarks

Freight & logistics

Minimising disruption in freight movement across land/sea transport: CAPITALS
Vinaya Raghavan, IT Project Manager, Avanti Communications PLC

Liverpool & Humber: optimisation of freight transport (LHOFT)
Stephen WeaverHead of Commercial Strategy & New Business Development, P&O Ferries

DASH (Delivery As a Service for Highstreets)
Neil Herron, CEO, Grid Smarter Cities  

Future public sector logistics collaboration
Dr Andrew Traill, Principal Technologist, Freight and Logistics, Transport Systems Catapult

Reducting freight and passenger traffic
Alan Braithwaite, Chairman, Freight and Logistics Policy Group, CILT, and lead author Freight Planning to 2035

Shifting behaviour patterns through sharing transport

A Round Table ession discussing how to achieve a paradigm shift in attitudes to transport through sharing, apps and new mobility. Many new mobility services present such attractive options that people have changed behaviour spontaneously, including those in the ‘shared transport’ zone

Panellists will include:

Brian McGovern, CEO, Urbo 
Si Ho, Chairman, Travelspirit Foundation
Coralie Triadou, Slide Bristol & RAPT Dev (tbc)
Julian Scriven, Managing Director, nextbike
Simon Haynes, Director, Mobiq Group
Keith Kelly, Enterprise Car Club

Cyber security and managing risk in a digital future

Securing digital transport infrastructure
Peter Davies, Technical Director, Thales e-Security

Critical national infrastructure: building trust
Professor Carsten Maple, Director for Cyber Security Research, WMG Cyber Security Centre, University of Warwick

Developing a CAV cyber security framework
Keith Turner, Head of Cyber Security, Atkins

Enhancing car-sharing safety with digital identities
Craig Barrack, Managing Director, Carbon Heroes


Morning Coffee Break

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ATKINS Conference Area

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Player's Suite

Smart cities and IoT: mobility impacts

CityVerve, Internet of Things City Demonstrator 
Sam Li, Transport for Greater Manchester

Managing transport infrastructure: surface water
Charles Carter, Senior Technologist, Transport Systems Catapult 

Solving city problems through data
Laurence Oakes-AsheCity Science

The importance of data for Intelligent Mobility
Duncan Napier, Technologist, Transport Systems Catapult

Urban Mobility Innovation Index
Greg Yiangou, Future Cities Catapult


Improving the customer experience

A ‘deep dive’ into the traveller experience
Liam Day
Travel Demand Management, Atkins

Identifying 'pain' and 'gain' points along a journey
Theo Panayi
Sustainable Travel Manager, Heathrow Airport The Smarter Transport Solution
Paul Hayes
Chief Digital Officer, C3UK

Understanding mobility needs, and how to meet them
Ian Wright
Head of Insight, Transport Focus

Cleaner air: technology meets policy

This interactive panel session will explore the wide range of new technologies which, combined with planning and policy frameworks, are cleaning up the transport sector. 

  • Motive power and infrastructure

  • LEN and CAZ policy and impacts

  • ​New sharing and business models

Bringing intelligent mobility to car-sharing
Pierre Fox, Business Development Manager, eCarClub

Zero Emission Urban bus System (ZeEUS)
Denis Naberezhnykh, Head of ULEVs and Energy, TRL

Who will win the race: hydrogen or electric?
Richard Falconer, Director, Co-Wheels 

Optimising the UK’s Electric Vehicle charging network
David Connolly, Director of Innovation, SYSTRA

Steve Ives, Office for Low Emission Vehicles


Connecting with the travelling public

Getting more and better information to travellers
Ginny Leonard, Integrated and Smart Travel Stakeholder Manager, Transport for the North

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places: changing behaviours using targeted communications
Gary Bell, Paths for All / Transport Scotland

The view from transport operators
Simon Haynes, Director, Mobiq Group

Promoting smarter travel with social media
Mark Vincent, Digital Strategy Manager, DIVA

When, and how, do smarter choices schemes really work?
Alan Wong, Research Fellow, University of Southampton

Driving innovation: 

Speakers from the UK's many CAV projects, now numbering 50, will share insights and experience in developing CAV products and services that maximise potential benefits users and public authorities

Round table panellists will include:

Iain Forbes, Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Andy Graham, Principal, White Willow

Darren Capes, Transport Systems Manager, City of York Council

Paul Gadd, Head of Automotive, Innovate UK (invited)

Michael Vardi, Founder, Valerann

Plus invited representatives from across the UK’s CAV projects


Total Transport workshop

Workshop led by Peter Hardy, SYSTRA

In 2015, the Department for Transport launched its ‘Total Transport’ initiative. Led by Peter, this aimed to support a number of pilot projects to demonstrate how an integrated approach to arranging different passenger transport services would help improve transport services in rural areas. 37 projects were granted funding to try a range of different approaches over a 2-year period.

The workshop session at Smarter Travel Live will provide an overview of the Total Transport initiative, together with a more detailed look at three different projects. Peter will provide an overview of the initiative and its achievements before handing over to representatives from local authorities to talk about specific projects. 


Lunch Break

Lunch and refreshments served within the main exhibition area


ATKINS Conference Area

How does successful innovation happen?  Supporting the journey from research to market

This plenary session will bring together funders, investors and successful entrepreneurs, from inside and outside the transport sector, to demonstrate how innovation is transforming transport

Iain Forbes, Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Stan Boland, CEO, FiveAI

Karla JakemanConnected Transport & Comms Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

Lee Omar, CEO, Red Ninja Studios

Rob Hale, Partner, source 23



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