Road to Zero fact finder at Smarter Travel LIVE!

The Government's recent Road to Zero strategy sets out new measures to clean up road transport. The Road to Zero session at Smarter Travel LIVE! will highlight the opportunities available to local authorities, including:

  • Focus on road transport, Europe's biggest source of carbon emissions, with cars and vans representing more than two thirds of these, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA). Transport is the only sector in which emissions have grown since 1990

  • Role for electric and hybrid vehicles in decarbonising road transport, and how to support implementation

  • Delivering future-proofed streets and infrastructure

  •  User attitudes and behaviour change planning

Chair: Venn Chesterton, Lead, ULEV, Innovate UK

Short talks, folllowed by a faciliated panel discussion

Jason Torrance, UK 100: What kind of vehicles can / should we have in cities?

Ross Jones, OLEV: Road to Zero – roadmap and opportunities for local authorities / business

Prof Andrew Ross, Technoogy and Engineering: John Moores University: Liverpool City Region e-mobility

Pam Turton, assistant director, Portsmouth City Council: deploying Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure today

Conor Walsh, CoMoUK: Boosting e-bike and e-car sharing schemes

Dr Naomi King, Applied Social Psychology, Oxford Brookes University: Attitudes and implications for the widespread take-up of electric vehicles

Peter O'Driscoll, Managing Director, Parkmobile: emissions-based parking