J4 – Liftshare

Liftshare was the first car-sharing system provider in the UK and after 17 years in business remains the largest. Providing both public and private sector organisations with innovative technology which allows them to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, make the best use of parking facilities, achieve sustainable travel plan targets and provide staff with a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting to work. 

Over the last 17 years Liftshare have gained considerable experience in the fields of car-sharing and have constantly developed its technology to ensure that its system continues to improve and make car-sharing easy and secure. 
Liftshare have also developed myPTP – the only online personal travel planning (PTP) tool to offer tailored journey planning advice to individuals showing the best way for them to get to their destination using all modes of transport, including park & ride and car-sharing.

Liftshare is a social enterprise dedicated to its mission to ensure that everyone has someone to share a car with.