H5 - Passenger

Passenger creates mobile, web and voice apps that simplify the public transport experience for every customer, while providing real-time journey insight for operators.

At Passenger we work with operators to deliver high-quality digital technology to their customers. This includes resilient apps for customers and real-time analysis for operators. Our technology supports a combined fleet of over 3000 buses, with ticket sales through Passenger currently over £15m annually, growing at ~17% per month. With 1000s of 4+ star reviews standing as a dramatic improvement on the industry average, Passenger is well-liked by the communities it serves.

At a pivotal time for public transport, Passenger combines a number of systems: mobile ticketing, real-time departure, route information, journey planning and disruptions management into one publishing platform for operators. For their customers it provides the single integrated touchpoint that the customer experience badly needs.

In leveraging consumer devices, we are driving a paradigm shift in real-time tracking from vehicle to customer through the use of innovative app-based telemetry. From the data generated we learn about trends in behaviour, enabling operators to better understand their customers and their behaviour, wand make strides towards a significant reduction of investment in hardware infrastructure that has up until now been the norm.

Passenger is already working alongside forward-thinking operators and local bodies to help plan the future of transport and how it could work. We're invested in designing systems that scale and working to deliver mobility-as-a-service (MasS) solutions in preparation for the paradigm shift that’s set to come.