H2 – ITSuk

Intelligent Transport Systems: a combination of Information Technology and telecommunications, allowing the provision of on-line information in all areas of public and private administration.

ITS can be applied to road transport to improve efficiency and safety through the provision of on-line information to drivers in their vehicles and by equipping the vehicle with computerised systems which assist the driver (e.g. following and lane keeping).
It also improves the efficiency of transport by use of electronic systems to improve traffic control and enforcement of traffic regulations. Electronic motorway tolling and congestion charging are also ITS options.

Management of vehicle fleets, both freight and public transport, can also be improved by the provision of on-line information and two way communication between manager and driver.

Provision of on-line information to bus, train, and train passengers creates a better informed traveller. Electronic ticketing (by means of Smartcards, for example) enables faster, easier travel by public transport.

Intelligent Transport Systems will have beneficial effects on the environment by reducing air and noise pollution on highways and by helping to create traffic free zones in cities.