C9 – PayByPhone

PayByPhone, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, is one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the world, processing more than £242 million in payments annually. Through the company's mobile web, smartphone and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone helps drivers easily and securely pay for parking without the hassles of waiting in line, having to carry change or risking costly fines. The app can be found in over 300 cities across Europe, North America, and Australia, with 17 million registered users.

PayByPhone lets drivers take control of their parking by providing an enhanced payment experience. Within seconds drivers can complete their parking by entering a location number, selecting a duration, and confirming payment details. Registration is quick and easy, and this convenience is improved by features such as personal reminders which keep drivers informed about their parking status, the ability to extend a parking session from anywhere, and emailed receipts sent to a user's inbox.

For cities and parking operators, PayByPhone offers a digital way to manage their estate. From availability logic to dynamic parking rates, the service brings to life what is happening in the physical world of parking. PayByPhone also offers customer and operator security, meeting the rigorous qualifications of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which ensures that all credit card information is secured.