We are Grid

C1 – Grid

GRID is an eco-system of smart solutions – connecting communities and people with transport, parking, goods and services. It is about making lives easier for everyone and making cities smarter, efficient and inclusive. 
There are a number of inter-connecting companies under the Grid umbrella including Omnia (Telematics and Fleet Optimisation), assist-Mi (disability access and assistance app), Kerb (virtual kerbside management) and Skiptrac (skip distribution and waste management solution).

In 2017 Grid was ranked 15th on the IP100 Intellectual Property League Table, for their patented solutions that offer them the unique ability to carve out new space in the Smart City Landscape, proactively solving the problems that others can’t.
Over the past 18 months they have also won a number of Innovate UK grants and contracts, with projects in areas including Rail, Fuel, Delivery as a Service, Virtual Kerbside Management and Freight optimisation. 

GRID is a highly scalable, socially valuable business that envisages the city of the near future as “digital, connected and convenient”; its expertise, products and partners aim to deliver this vision by harnessing the power of the ‘net’ to revolutionise:

• How cities and communities manage space more productively for the benefit of people and businesses;

• How accessibility to goods and services is improved, including helping to equalise opportunity for disabled people;

• How an interconnected world can manage mobility of people and vehicles to optimise