Cycle hire workshop: Proposed Agenda

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Objectives of Workshop
Network and meet others outside their own day-to-day networks: expect ideas to be shared through chatting (need to make allowance for this). 

Share challenges faced and pick up good ideas from others: ‘more formal’ sharing of experiences and learning good ideas, what works where, etc.

Rapid learning from expert panel: up-front rapid presentations by key players, followed by an expert-led roundtable

Key Questions for workshop

  • When does a bike share scheme become a menace?

  • How do we define success in cycle schemes?

  • What should the future in bike share innovations be?

  • Is bike share doing enough to address accessibility?

(Note: format of questions to be confirmed following confirmation of panel)
Nextbike: Julian Scriven – chairing, introducing panel, drawing together common threads
Bike Plus: Antonia Roberts 
Sara Randle: Milton Keynes City Council
Billie Denham-Svark: Nextbike

Format of Workshop
Intro and panel presentations     30 minutes
Intro and welcome:        10 mins
Four panel members:         6 mins max each
Divide into groups

Workshop discussions    40 minutes

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4

Feedback            10 minutes

Four groups feedback lessons and good practice

Wrapping up            10 minutes

Panel response to issues raised
Conclusions and next steps

Total = 90 minutes